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In 1953 it was made autonomous from the University of Paris, 22 but it was perceived ambivalently by the authorities as a nexus of protest, particularly due to the teachings delivered there by such controversial figures as political concours classe libre cours florent témoignage philosopher Louis Althusser.
Recruitment edit The school is very small in size: its jeu concours cultura core of students, who are called normaliens, are selected via either a competitive exam called a concours (Baccalauréat 2 years) a secondary selection process centred on the preparation of a research project (Baccalauréat 24 years).Generalistic in its recruitment and organisation, the ENS is the only grande école in France to have departments of research in all the natural, social, and human sciences.Accès direct au contenu, rechercher dans tous les sites de l'école aide, devenir normalien ENS Paris-Saclay, les élèves recrutés par concours deviennent normaliens.All four bon de reduction ikea family together form the informal ENS-group citation needed.These courses covered all the existing sciences and humanities and were given by scholars such as: scientists Monge, Vandermonde, Daubenton, Berthollet and philosophers Bernardin de Saint-Pierre and Volney were some of the teachers.70 Notable alumni edit Main article: List of École Normale Supérieure people Louis Pasteur was a student at the school before directing it for many years.The site's monument aux morts, which was inaugurated in 1923 and stands as a reminder of the normaliens who lost their lives in the First World War, is a work by Paul Landowski.ENS also is a member of the Franco-Chinese laboratory Saladyn since 2013.North of the school on rue Lhomond lies the seat of the school's physics and chemistry departments, inaugurated in 1936 by Léon Blum and Albert Lebrun, while further up the rue d'Ulm its number 29 houses secondary libraries and the school's department of cognitive sciences."Enclyclopedia of Bourges biography of Simone Weil".In this manner, a new concours was opened in the 1982 to reinforce the teaching of social sciences at the school.Epistemologists Georges Canguilhem and Jean Cavaillès, the latter also known as a Résistance hero, were educated at ENS as well.The school's resources are equally divided between its "Letters" (social and human sciences and literature) and its "Sciences" (natural sciences and mathematics) sections.Flacelière, Robert, Normale en péril, Presses universitaires de France, 1971.Collective, Les Normaliens peints par eux-mêmes, Chamerot et Renouard, 1895.These eleven former students have made ENS the institution with the most Fields medallist alumni of any institution worldwide.
54 In addition to this, the École normale supérieure cooperates in Atomium Culture, the first permanent platform for European excellence that brings together some of Europe's leading universities, newspapers and businesses.
ENS also welcomes selected foreign students international selection participates in various graduate programs, and has extensive research laboratories.