First Kiss took the internet by storm, racked up millions of views in a just a few months.
Its not a staged piece, and it gives viewers a very happy ending.
You may not have the interest or resources to put together a flash mob, but you can still take a lesson from Alphabet and find other ways to surprise and impress.At press time, views had passed 12 million.Videos, name recognition for the blender builder was low.Small businesses really can win, even without a huge budget.Do you have any other great examples of viral videos that prove small businesses can win with video marketing?Okay, we get.Again, the video tells a story that captivates and entertains the audience (and the attractive, nude model certainly doesnt hurt).But if the answer is yes, find the humor in those problems."I just shipped my pants, and it's very convenient!" enthuses one elderly shopper; another proclaims, "I just shipped my bed!" While some viewers called it "gross" and "vulgar the spot racked up some 20 million views by the end of last year, at one.Your small business may not have the budget to purchase a local ad during an event like this, but that shouldnt stop you from creating something thats Super Bowl worthy.Although Grasshoppers video is very simple, its underlying message hit home with the target audience, proving that you dont always have to go over-the-top.Silly, bizarre and undeniably catchy, "The Fox" went viral simply by provoking a powerful reaction across a range of demographics.So PooPourri created video content that says, Hey, well address and talk about it, so you dont have.CNN, Maxim, and, aBC, remise voiture neuve renault to name a few - just have a look at the search results for " dancing gorilla maniac.It all started when Dallas Zoo Primate Supervisor Ashley Orr captured this video of Zola, a footloose and fancy-free gorilla splashing around and dancing in a kiddie pool.With the #MyBeautyMySay campaign we feature stories of amazing women who stood up for their own beauty.Coca Cola, taste the Feeling is Cokes first new global advertising campaign in seven years and marks a significant change in the brands marketing strategy.

"Each driver is a research-tested principle that increases the likelihood that people will talk about and share things, that brands get word-of-mouth, that services get shared and that videos get passed along the internet Berger explains.
GoPro Fireman Saves a Kitten.