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Like a normal model class, in this class location voiture rabat promotion we can declare rules and attributeLabels to validate user inputs and provide attribute labels, respectively.
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Histoire, outiz est connu comme le Distributeur Nouvelle Génération de matériel et doutillage de construction grâce à la révolution apportée dans la distribution traditionnelle.Il utilise concours caf marseille un modèle full service qui combine tous les canaux de commande en parfaite synchronisation.Templates/default/p: the default code template for generating a widget class file.We can access this code generator immediately via the URL Found a typo or you think this page needs improvement?We first create a directory named Here model means that we are going to override the default model generator.One is about input tooltips.Gii looks for available generators in a set of directories specified by the.Because Gii may generate and save new code files in the existing application, we need to make sure that the Web server process has the proper permission to.It is possible to have two generators with the same name but under different search paths.h1 Widget Generator /h1?php array model' model?However, if we choose this template to generate the code, we will see an error.
You can click on any of them to preview the code; Press the Generate button to generate the code files; Review the code generation log.
In our example, we only need to create one CCodeFile object that represents the widget class file being generated.