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Containers Hprose - It provides a collection of Variant type containers, such as IList, IMap, TArrayList, THashedList, TCaseInsensitiveHashedList, THashMap, THashedMap, TCaseInsensitiveHashMap, TCaseInsensitiveHashedMap, TSmartObject, etc.
Devart SecureBridge Components - m/sbridge/ - SSH/sftp/SSL components Easily create SSH tunnels and sftp clients and much more.JvXPBar - A port of jvcl's TJvXPBar control that can display an icon, a header and zero or more clickable items in its client area.FileAssociation - Register file associations for all Windows versions.Nixie numerical display using images of nixie tubes.Puma HL7 engine: A collection of Pascal classes that support handling of HL7 messages.So, if you keep the mouse prépa concours éducateur spécialisé strasbourg pressed on the button, it will repeat the code from the onClick event, until the mouse is released.Lazarus IDE Extensions Hardware Access National Instruments PCI, PCI-e,PXI, PXI-e measurement (DAQ) cards National Instruments PCI, PCI-e,PXI, PXI-e oscilloscope/digitizer cards cards Commercial Packages for FPC/Lazarus AnyDAC AnyDAC is a commercial data access library.RingChart and AnalogWatch - Another Elliptical Chart and an Analogic Watch for Lazarus and FPC.The Library itself is available for Linux, MacOSX, FreeBSD, SunOS4.1.3, Solaris.5, hpux.x, SGI Irix and Cygwin or plain MS Windows.For example the Wiimote.Turbopower Visual PlanIt - A port of the Planner Components.Pascal Script Pascal Script is a remobjects Pascal Script interpreter.(directory sshclient) Sudoku - A Sudoku solver. Nothing seems to install the bus master.FPSpreadsheet - A library for handling spreadsheet files.ATButton - OS-independant flat button.ATScrollBar - Scrollbar, not concours rédacteur territorial épreuves OS-themed, owner-drawn.Bgracontrols - Components which are using the power of the bgrabitmap package.MDButtonsBar - ButtonsBar to MultiDoc Component.
RTL, FCL and LCL Usage examples See Also.
Fpvectorial - Text Document Support - A library for handling text document files.

RackCtls a collection of components with a "Hi-fi system" appearance.