Notable people edit Max Azria, fashion designer Mamdouh Bahri, artist, composer and jazz guitarist and teacher now living in France Hédi Bouraoui, poet and writer now living in Canada Nouri Bouzid, film director Hamdi Braa, basketball player Mohamed Charfi, academic, politician, jurist and scholar Moncef.
Transport Sfax is served by a narrow gauge railway system of concours tremplin 1 2018 sncft that delivers phosphates and iron ore for export.
Sfax is served by Sfax Thyna International Airport and Syphax Airlines has regularly scheduled flights to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, MontréalPierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, Tripoli International Airport, and charter flights to Jeddah Airport for the pilgrimage to Mecca.Découvrez les différentes saveurs de cette marque!Taparura and, thaenae, is the capital of the.A narrow gauge railway system of sncft offers passenger services to Tunis and delivers phosphates and iron ore for export.Shown are the old city, part of the port, and the distinctive circular earth works of the Taparura redevelopment project.flshs (Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines de Sfax) issued a number of renowned poets and prose writers.The city was conquered by Roger II of Sicily in 1148 and occupied until it was liberated in 1156 by local forces, and was briefly occupied by European forces again; this time by the Spanish, in the 16th century, before falling into Ottoman hands this.Retrieved January 24, 2015.Famous people *Hédi Bouraoui, a poet and writer now living in Canada.Sfax became an integral base of the Barbary piracy, prompting an unsuccessful invasion by Venice in 1785.During World War II, the Axis powers used the city as a major base until British forces took it on After World War II, Tunisia was returned to France, but gained independence in 1956.Sfax has a population of 330,440 (census 2014).Sfax was bombarded, and on 16 July the city was taken by the French after hard fighting, with 7 dead and 32 wounded for the French.Six ironclads were dispatched from Toulon ( Colbert, Friedland, Marengo, Trident, Revanche, Surveillante ) to join the French Navy ships in Tunisian waters."Sfax Climate Normals 19611990".Retrieved "Universitätsstadt Marburg Partnerstädte".National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.After World War II, Tunisia was returned to France only to gain independence in 1956.FR 07:00 01:00, about, encore une expérience de la cuisine italienne qui vient en Tunisie.TU 07:00 01:00, sU 07:00 01:00, wE 07:00 01:00.
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Interpretation, translation, sfax, infobox City official_name Sfax native_name nickname motto imagesize 250px image_caption A Sfax street (Rue Hédi Chaker) mapsize map_caption pushpin_ pushpin_label_position top pushpin_map_caption pushpin_mapsize subdivision_type Country subdivision_name Tunisia subdivision_type1, governorates subdivision_name1 Sfax Governorate subdivision_type2 subdivision_name2 leader_title Mayor leader_name Mohamed Hadj Taïeb leader_title1 leader_name1.

Education * enis (Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Sfax) issued a number of well known scientists and industrials.