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Iögo was becoming a brand you could feel good about buying and be proud to adopt.
For a company the size of Ultima Foods, iögos national sales would need to be high right from the start.
Working closely with national outdoor media networks, we managed to have 80 of all outdoor posters installed within 2 days across Canada!
Nathalie Gamache, Director, Innovation and Process, Ultima Foods Inc.We created a marketing launch plan and a communication scenario that would attract the consumer to iögo.Chantale Sévigny, Brand Group Director, Ultima Foods Inc.Totally different from competitors.Gaining and retaining consumers requires more marketing investments.Therefore, knowing that national distribution levels of iögo were relatively stable during this same period, we can conclude that sales results can be linked back to advertising effectiveness.Its refreshing tone and graphic design made it stand out and gave it a leadership aura.But since 2009, growth has slowed down to a yearly 5 average idees de cadeaux pour bas de noel Footnote #2.Diane Jubinville, Director of public relations and consumer relations, Ultima Foods Inc.During this operation, everything will continue on for Yoplait.Oikos - 2 emballages (au choix).0 Sélectionner.Add simple to understand product attributes, and there it was: iögo, the new category challenger.Rebecca Rodrigues, Renée Petranic, David Wicken, Media buyers, DentsuBos.The special connection local farmers have with the food they produce, felt in touch with the choices people are making today.Our media presence was something never before experienced in the category.

 Footnote #8 Awareness levels have boomed in the same way.
It had managed to gain an 8 market share in over 2 years, with total awareness levels of 56 across Canada.