Mojos: Seven Daffodils/Nothin' At All (Parrot 9707)UK 15 M- DJ Perfect copy of '64 UK minor-key 3/4 tempo emotive Mersey ballad with harmonies date concours secrétaire médicale fonction publique b/w uptempo Mersey sound.
30 VG plays M LS Cool '64 Cleveland OH Mersey frat garager off Better Than The Beatles CD/Swinging At The Go concours entrée sciences po paris 2018 Go Club LP b/w fabulous driving instrumental.CD (2 Laserlight Germany, N28 018, 2008.Thee Young Generation: Paperback Minds/Movin' (Captain 1429/1430)OH/VA.Greek Fountains: An Experimented Terror/I Can't Get Away (Montel Michelle 976)South 85 M- '66 Baton Rouge LA tripped-out acid freakout off Beyond the Calico Wall LP CD b/w terrific 3/4 Waltz-time jangle Byrds-y sway mover non-comp and great!Check it out on.Both sides non-comp and are great psych!Miki Dallon (Sorrows Do You Call That Love/Apple Pie (RCA 1438)UK 100 M Perfect unplayed copy of '65 UK freakbeat mover.CD (2 PolyGram Australia, 1997.25 VG/M- Stellar '72 Cleveland OH driving power pop anthem with echo harmonies off Holding A Dream CD-totally brilliant production a personal favorite!First concours jeunes architectes belgique press RED label with BIG "E." Todd Rundgren: The Todd Rundgren Radio Show (Bearsville PRO 524)PA 200 M- DJ with VG jacket some ringwear wofc 4" x 4" promo sticker on F/C '72 unique one-hour audio artifact Todd speaking about his history.'70 UK withdrawn 1ST pressing before release ON UA-50876 (with 2:44 edited alternate mix of "Chinatown.DD-MP3, Radio Free Song Club USA, 16c, 26 September 2011.Only 200 pressed and super rare!Jingles and promo spots featuring Andy Partridge.Flourescent lime green, deep purple or orange cover.

Sheep: Hide Seek/Twelve Months Later (Boom BM 60,000)NY/NJ 25 VG sol LS Driving '66 NY garage R'n'B screaming pounder remake of Bunker Hill song produced by The Strangeloves team (Feldman, Goldstein, Gotteher).