V0.121: Performance and quality optimizations, mostly.
FPS limiter implemented, fps idee de cadeau de noel pour nos parents counter.Xml and g, hope this feature will help users to understand how to tweak mod.V0.108: Simplified version with many effects removed, but performance is very high.Ssao and ssil quality increased and changed their mixing to scene methods (added new variables).Unfortunately changes made.129 beta produce artifacts for some users, this is not fixed yet, because of no testers.V0.113: Difference between new and previous version is sun rays effect.Game have some strange mistakes which aren't fixed yet, for example in interior locations direct light enabled and applied from bottom or from side (sun, uh?Do not set ForceFakeVideocardtrue in this version, it's now for bugfixing mode and will be removed later.Removed camerafx category from i, added lens category and separate enblens.Various other changes to water.Restored water displacement optimization for AMD users, which had much lower wave aplitude, if it work now, then it was my bug with speedhack.V0.193: Added memory reducing feature to partially fix crashes when many mods installed or moving fast in environment, parameter ReduceSystemMemoryUsagetrue enabling such a fix.
Windows Xp,7,Vista,8, ram: 2 GB, video Memory: 256.