kawasaki concours 14 abs p motorcycle

One functional change that I was not able to discern in the limited time riding at speed was the effect of the stiffer shock settings.
Still, that snub aside, we were happy to receive an invite to the 2015 model introduction in Carlsbad, CA and were curious to sample how the 2015 Connie would compare to last years model.
Even in the worst of the rain, I kept the vent open because I preferred the improved air-flow.
Based around the massively code reduction galerie lafayette frais de port gratuit powerful ZX-14 engine and much of its chassis, the Concours was made over from the sport-tourer in sensible shoes into a claimed top-of-the-line sportbike with touring capabilities.In 2010, Kawasaki addressed both customer and media concerns about the Concours.The Connies new vent alleviates these problems.Third, the engineers altered the steering stem seal to address sluggish feeling steering.In the rain-shortened ride, I honestly code reduction skiset couldnt feel any difference in the steering effort as a result of the change in the stem seal.In a report presented as part of the state's open-bid process, the CHP estimated it would cost about 6 million to replace 336 of its motor units.So, we have a great motorcycle, powered by an ass-kicking engine derived from the.The cost to add just this one feature would be prohibitive unless it is piggybacked on to an engine revamp.Welcome to the, concours Owners Group (COG).Back in July, MO took its show on the road to Yosemite National Park to compare the latest crop of sport touring motorcycles, and the result wasnt that good for the 2014.Although wet riding prohibits the ability to really test a bikes handling, because of the premium placed on control inputs in slick situations, I was hyper-aware of the improved linked brakes.Related: Kawasaki Nips BMW at Michigan State Police Motorcycle Test.The more aggressive linked setting exhibited about the same intrusiveness as on last years model, and I, frankly, would never use.As the agency purchases Kawasaki bikes, the BMWs would likely be gradually phased out.Simply put, it aint gonna happen until the next major overhaul of the Concours when it will surely get ride-by-wire throttle control.It ships in a choice of Candy Lime Green and Metallic Spark Black for 15,499.A change that sounds small but is huge from a rider comfort perspective is the inclusion of an adjustable vent in the windscreen.Safety was also addressed in 2010 with the inclusion of the linked K-ACT ABS brake system.The riding position is sporty while remaining all-day comfortable.

Kawasakis, eicma 2015 Model Year announcements let it be known that the Concours received exactly zero of the items we deemed necessary to improve its class standing.