New Features, features Summary, see also full article: Adobe Audition 3 - Professional Audio Editing and Mixing.
Favorites Repair DC Offset ).
Mastering effect - Sweeten sound, Reverb to Gains High-quality sample rate conversions - customizable dither settings.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz for CD, video, DVD Support more than 20 file formats - Windows PCM (WAV aiff, MP3, WMA Import and export Ogg Vorbis (OGG) Burn directly.
If youre looking for tips on a Premiere Pro to Audition workflow, check out my previous posts on roundtripping your video editing clips and sequences into Audition and back to Premiere.The new Mastering effect, phase correction tools, and Top/Tail view make Adobe Audition.0 the ideal audio editing and mastering environment.It includes waveform editing of single clips, multi-track mixing, looping, midi, with extensive effects and tools for audio restoration and enhancement.Efficient file opening and saving Specify default formats for Open and Save As dialog concours photo bébé toulouse boxes, and quickly save groups of files to one format.Video Software Gallery, video Editing Resources by Douglas Dixon, adobe Audition vs Adobe Soundbooth CS3.Royalty-free music beds - Includes 20 ready-to-play, 15- and 30-second lengths CD extraction - Digitally extract tracks from audio CDs Effects New effects - include Convolution Reverb, Analog Delay, and Guitar Suite New Guitar Suite effects - analog-modeled guitar effects iZotope Radius time stretch engine.On-clip fade and gain controls Visually adjust selections or entire files.Marquee pan and phase selections Process discrete stereo information such as center-panned vocals in Spectral Pan Display or out-of-phase audio in Spectral Phase Display.Click Scan and your clipping areas will be listed.Audio restoration tools - including frequency space editing Restore recordings from old vinyl, remove hisses and hums, fix clipped audio and phase problems, recover previously unusable recordings Adaptive Noise Reduction - Removes unwanted noise that changes over time New audio healing and selection tools.Graphic Panner Visually adjust the stereo field to enhance spatial perception.Mastering effect Optimize audio for maximum impact with a series of professional processors.You can download these files by clicking the links below.Select a listed problem to move to it in the waveform. The powerful diagnostic panel provides tools to fix clipping, clicks and pops in your audio.Wireless Media, home Media, tech Society, pC Video : PC Video Articles.
Select your preset based on country.
New effects Explore creative sonic possibilities with Convolution Reverb, Analog Delay, Guitar Suite, and other new effects.

The Declipper is handy for repairing clipped audio.
Bitmap audio images Export spectral graphs for detailed editing in an image-editor like Adobe Photoshop.