Mike: She remembered details, all these little details, it was amazing.
Holbrook is suspended from the police force for manipulating Alison's polygraph test.
Inside, she finds Alisons case file and snaps photos of the visitors list.
"Afloat" by Storyman - (Lesli looks for Hanna).He tells her to stop following him and that he doesnt want to see here again.Just then, they hear someone arguing and Holbrook bon reduction pierre ricaud storms out of an office.Aria admits to Hanna that Mike visited Alison in jail.Hanna is shocked when Leslie insists that the guy was Mike.Don't miss an all new episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, August 12th at 8/7c!Aria agrees that Mona was very smart, to which Mike replies that she was too smart.Its a Ziploc bag full of gumdrops.Mike remarks how Mona remembered every small detail about every movie she saw.Mike snaps that he isnt taking orders from anyone anymore.Tumaczenie: Hanna: Policja bdzie pyta czy nie widziaycie nikogo zachowujcego si podejrzanie.She claims that she was friends with Mona and nderwaal told her to find Hanna there.Nowe niebezpieczestwo, holbrook: Jak to si stao, e taka femmes d'aujourd'hui concours photos dziewczyna jak Alison staa si tak dziewczyn jak Alison?Aria: A jeli ci widzieli?In Monas room, Leslie sees a book on Monas bookshelf and tells her how Monas grandfather used to read to her from it and scare her.Title and Background "Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me" is a song lyric from the 1926 song 'Bye Bye Blackbird' originally composed by Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon and recorded by Gene Austin.At Arias house, she finds Mikes watching a black-and-white movie.Bethany refers to someone as an "evil bitch" who can convince anyone to do anything for them.
Hanna is annoyed when Aria says she still didnt ask Mike about it and tells Aria that she has to figure out what is going.
Leslie says that that was what she liked about Mona she was always thinking.