Asad Asks For Explanation, asad demands where she had gone when she was supposed to be his bride!
Zoya says, "Yeh nikhah nahi h bus ek galti thi." Asad would reply saying, "Lekin mujhe yeh nikhah Qubool Hai Zoya.".
Now that the wedding has happened, accidental or not, the people involved can deal with the issue more sensibly and solve the issue amicably.N guyzzz i knw its very confusing code de reduction daxon for u all but i already wrote 7 chappy.Trailer Scene 1, asad and Zoya are standing facing away from each other.Jan 21, 2017, so hello guys i don't know my this ff will be hit like others but my this is my last attempt on asad zoya here.Share: shows, nON-fiction shows, events, social, all these Television Channels are owned and/or operated by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, and/or its Subsidiaries.Whether they get themselves out of this unscratched or not, we will have to wait and watch.Zoya Tries To Explain.Zoya Still In A Shock, zoya would be in a shock when she realises what she has done.Asad, when comes to know what has happened would react angrily and it is justifiable.Will the mistake cost everyone involved their happiness?Though many are accusing this plot as an insult to their religion, the story has progressed and has resulted in seperating the love birds Asad and Zoya.Ayaan Cornered, ayaan would be cornered by his family to tell if he is married or not.May 12, 2017, lOVE iaste OF time (A short summary) Love you!Tanveer renault promo vidange back on the show with a bang gets Zoya in trouble again.But according to the promo Asad accepts the wedding!Jan 30, 2017, mohabbatein:Love stories Introduction of couples and trailor Watch the lovely trailor made by Anuradha for my story.Humaira, when Ayaan says he is married, Humaira would be shattered.Asad With Zoya, asad would try to console Zoya when she starts to cry.Zoya tries to explain what she has done, but words would somehow fail her.Zoya when trying to escape from the clutches of Tanveer and her men ends up hiding as a bride and accepting to marry Ayaan without even knowing what she was doing.
What Happens Next, where will this new twist lead to?