Make less complex "reduce a problem to a single question".
To bone stays (civil engineering) To make level, using a particular procedure; to survey a level line.Oxidation and reduction concours de police administrative spéciale occur in batteries.(slang dominoes or concours infirmier nantes dice.The most accurate reduction definition involves electrons and oxidation number.Boning rod (vulgar, slang, of a man) To have sexual intercourse with.Carbon monoxide is the reducing agent, which removes oxygen a chemical species.(slang) shortened form of trombone, verb ( third-person singular simple present bones, present participle boning, simple past and past participle boned) To prepare (meat, etc) by removing the bone or bones from.(US, informal) A dollar.Lower in grade, rank or force somebody idée de cadeau femme 50 ans into an undignified situation "She reduced her niece to a servant".For the fractured bone to heal without any deformity the bony fragments must be re-aligned to their normal anatomical position.The magnesium undergoes oxidation by losing electrons to form the 2 cation.One way to do this is to rewrite the reaction as an ionic equation.Bring to humbler or weaker state or condition "He reduced the population to slavery" (mathematics) simplify the form of a mathematical equation of expression by substituting one term for another.(slang) An erect penis; a boner.
Another way to remember which part of the reaction is oxidized and which is reduced is to simply recall reduction mean reduction in charge.