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As a result, backlit photos or photos combining sun and shade dont look natural when processed.
Because the HDR processing is done at the lowest level of the architecture, the multiple images are captured very close together in time, reducing the ghosting artifacts found in existing phone camera HDR solutions.Its 4MP UltraPixel cameras feature sensor sites that have three times the surface area of 13MP competitive cameras 4 square micrometers versus.3.A typical camera can have as many as ten or twenty steps between near and far extreme focus, which can easily mean a second or more of total time to acquire focus.In some high-resolution cameras, a 50 increase remise etudiant mac in pixel resolution only equates to an effective resolution boost of around.This interface allows other companies to write plug-ins that have access to the low-level data straight off the sensor, coupled with the computing power of the ISP, GPU and CPU.(See: carte cadeau noël Tegra 4 CPU and GPU detailed: Nvidia is back in the smartphone saddle.).Faster AF speed also makes some interesting post-processing options available.Never fast enough to capture quickly moving action, AF speed has been one of the features that keeps dslr makers in business.Just you wait and see.The only question will be whether anyone will need a point-and-shoot any more once these innovations come to smartphones.Traditionally, cameraphone autofocus modules have relied on voice coil motors (VCMs) to move lens elements in order to focus.High-dynamic range (HDR) photography combines two or more images with different exposures in a process called tone mapping, to try to take the best of both images and create a single image more accurately reflecting the original scene.Bigger, better pixels, after years of racing towards higher megapixel counts, camera vendors have finally come around to realizing that more isnt always better.Sending a current through a coil causes the elements to move towards a magnet.Either the shaded areas lack all detail or the bright areas are completely burned out.Chimera is already part of the Tegra 4 announcement, and is open enough to support this type of advanced functionality.While no faster than its voice coil competition, it is substantially less expensive and operates silently.Those tricks with focus are only the tip of the iceberg for what high-powered processors coupled with computational photography software can achieve with the right image data.Combining vente carte cadeau a Lytro-like light field sensor 12 with a high-powered architecture like Chimera will make amazing photo effects and post-processing possible in real-time, in the phone.Pelican in particular made waves recently with its low-key demo of after-the-fact refocusing at this years Mobile World Congress done in conjunction with Qualcomms new Snapdragon 800 processor.No spring chicken, VCM technology dates back to the first telephone, and comes with baggage in the form of heat, noise, and lack of precision.
In a somewhat odd move, Nokia has also swerved from offering the uber-resolution 41MP Lumia 808 1 to trumpeting the good enough.7MP resolution of its new flagship, the Lumia 920.
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Rumors for the Nexus 5 even include the possibility of a camera module co-branded with Nikon. .