Fluence technology uses two microphones that are located in your device, and they work to cancel the unnecessary background noise.
The noise is sometimes because of wind and sometimes for other reasons.
L, noise Reduction, when enabled, Noise reduction suppresses background noise from your environment codes promo somewhere fr during calls.
Soft sound: Use softer sounds during calls.Go to Settings in your Galaxy.One of the uncommon problems is noise during calls.Adapt comment gagner des couches bébé sound: Tap Start, and then follow the onscreen prompts to find the best sound for l you.US dialing must be disabled to access the International dialing setting.Samsung Galaxy S5, the latest smartphone of the.Copyright (c) 2017 samsung-phones.International Dialing, when US dialing is enabled, it uses the International dialing code to replace ". .Tap, call, and then tap the checkbox beside US dialing to enable or disable the setting.See also-, how to fix Galaxy S5 not getting text delivery reports.Samsung Galaxy S5, lG G2, tCL Idol X, lenovo Vibe Z (K910).Apps Settings.This technology is built-in so it remains on by default.US concours niveau cap dialing must be disabled to access the International dialing code.Apart from Galaxy S5, this technology is used in other high-end smart phones like Galaxy S4, HTC One, and.L, clear sound: Use clearer sounds during calls.Voicemail Settings, set options for Visual Voicemail.L, off: Use the default call sound settings.These steps will make sure that your voice is loud enough and of course clear so that the other party can hear you.
From home, tap. .
The main microphone picks up your voice, and the other microphone cancels the background noise to make your voice as clear as possible to the other end.