CNN reports on the opening of the SeaWorld.
Day 5 coverage below: SeaWorld-osha hearing in recess until mid-November Jason Garcia of the Orlando Sentinel reports on todays events.
After observing Tilly and his caretakers, is SeaWorld living up to its claims of a fullifilling, enriched life?
And be sure to visit the following stories on the SeaWorld investigation by Tim Zimmermann of Outside Magazine: The Killer in the Pool, when a 12,000-pound orca named Tilikum dragged his SeaWorld trainer into the pool and drowned her, it was the third time the.Osha Day 1 (Monday, September 19, 2011 SeaWorld employees were litteraly brought to tears during day 1 of the SeaWorld.Author David bon de reduction cendriyon Kirby dicusses this with CNNs Anderson Cooper on AC360.Hearing begins in death of killer whale trainer.John Jett and.Diary of a Killer Whale, tim Zimmermann digs a little deeper into some of the questions surrounding the tragedy of Tilikum and Dawn Brancheau.SeaWorld guard: Killer whale appeared to pull trainer underwater by her arm, not hair Jason Garcia of The Orlando Sentinel reports on Day 2 of the SeaWorld vs osha hearing.We encourage former and present trainers, marine mammal park employees (in the.S.Its still about the ponytail Michael Mountain of ZOE Nature reports on the testimony of day.There are so many more developments occuring behind the scenes here at The Orca Project and we will keep you posted as information and events unravel.The stunning announcement rekindled the ongoing debate of keeping these intelligent, highly-social beings in captivity for entertainment purposes.Osha Day 2 (Tuesday, September 20, 2011 Fredy Herrera, a security officer at SeaWorld Orlando who was working at Shamu Stadium on the day Brancheau was killed, testified that it appeared to him she was pulled in by her left arm, as we have reported.