selective catalytic reduction how it works

NH3 pur, ou en solutions usuellement à 24,5.
Le fonctionnement est strictement identiques aux unités terrestres.
A third type is corrugated, comprising only about 10 of the market in power plant applications.
On-board tanks to store DEF are typically located in the spare tire area of passenger vehicles, while tractor trailers typically have a DEF tank alongside the diesel fuel saddle tank.5 The two most common designs of SCR catalyst geometry used today are honeycomb and plate.Le catalyseur n'est pas impératif (la réaction peut se produire sans le catalyseur).L'efficacité du sncr monte à 80 dans des conditions optimales, en particulier des températures non adaptés aux catalyseurs (850 à 1 050 C).À terme, la gestion du SCR n'aura tirage au sort concours youtube pas d'incidence sur la consommation du moteur.All of the heavy-duty engine (Class 7-8 trucks) manufacturers except for Navistar International and Caterpillar Inc.SCR can reduce NOx emissions up to 90 percent while simultaneously reducing HC and CO emissions by 50-90 percent, and PM emissions by 30-50 percent.Un système SCR ou RCS sur automobile : 1 Réservoir d'urée, 2 Canalisation, 3 Calculateur injecteur, 4 Injecteur fixé sur la ligne cadeau disney d'échappement, 5 Catalyseur.DEF is widely available in bulk dispensers and in jugs in truck stops and other retail locations across the country.Des réservoirs de 20 litres permettent de tenir environ 20 000 km.Le moteur passe ensuite en mélange riche afin que les cadeau original femme sportive hydrocarbures se transforment en dihydrogène H2 et qu'une réaction chimique produise de l'ammoniac.Honeycomb configurations are smaller than plate types, but have higher pressure drops and plug much more easily.Like the various types of catalysts, their configuration also has advantages and disadvantages.DPR is a diesel particulate filtration system with regeneration process that uses late fuel injection to control exhaust temperature to burn off soot.In addition, marine vessels worldwide have been equipped with SCR technology, including cargo vessels, ferries and tugboats.Unité SCR standardisée, hino.Schematic is not representative of all manufacturers' approach to achieve near zero emissions.In general, the SCR unit is located between the furnace economizer and the air heater, and the ammonia is injected into the catalyst chamber through an ammonia injection grid.Power plants edit In power stations, the same basic technology is employed for removal of NO x from the flue gas of boilers used in power generation and industry.