setup reduction

If we can make setups fast, easy and predictable the loop reverses into a concours eje lyon "virtuous cycle".
Using this technique, the setup reduction team identified each of the steps in the actual setup and recorded the times required.Internal setup activities require an inactive (shut down) process, meaning that no orders can be run while the setup activity is taking place.Setup reduction (smed) ties in with many other reinforcing loops.The training, hands-on application, and team approach to setup reduction exceeded the initial objectives and has completely eliminated a long-term bottleneck in the engine rebuilding process.Create tools for crankshaft grinding employees to measure and report on-going setup performance.What is my next step?Decrease inventory and costs, while increasing capacity.What are the benefits of Lean: setup reduction?Distinguish Internal and External Elements.This seems to reduce the unit cost.Streamline Internal Elements, the next step was to make additional reductions by streamlining the remaining internal items.Setups take skill, practice and coaching, much like golf.There are some Internal steps that cannot be done while the process is operational.In a short half-day session, TCA delivered the training and made initial assignments for collecting data about the current crankshaft grinding setup.
Final results of the setup reduction project on the crankshaft grinding process yielded net savings of 43 minutes, exceeding the original goal by nearly.
Rough estimates of cycle time reduction from these three ideas may total another 10 minutes.

These elements reduced the internal setup time by 18 minutes.
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