Cadeau Papillons are AKC registered, and all our dogs are health cleared yearly by board-certified specialists.
Greta Cassie holding Solo Tommi.
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Papillons are very intellegent, lively little dogs that are generally not nervous or yappy.Cadeau, meaning "gift" in French, has symbolic meaning to us due to the fact that we truly feel Papillons are a special gift from Heaven.We look forward to her completing her own championship which would give Cadeau his ROM title.For serious Papillon puppy inquiries, please feel free to email us to request our online questionnaire which is the first step to our extensive screening process.I wanted to show him in obedience like I had with Cloud, and I wanted to try showing in the conformation ring as well.Friendly, loving and very easy to train with a strong desire to please, Papillons have also been used for therapy, hearing impaired and tracking.All of our Papillons live in our homes and sleep in our beds, and they are a major part of our two, loving families.Outgoing, curious, and strong-spirited, papillons rank as one of the top toy dogs in Obedience and Agility competitions.Jacob's Star of Bethlehem.I am indebted to Debbie for sharing the results of her hard work with.His beautiful mom.Actually, they expect that from their humans and rightly.They love to ride in the car and typically love to meet other people and their dogs.Championship title on May 17, 2009, taking back code promo bb hotels to back best of breed wins at the Mattaponi Kennel Club show in Manassas Virgina.The word Papillon (Pappy-Yon) is French in origin and means "Butterfly." These beautiful little dogs can adapt to just about any climate and do extremely well in an apartment dwelling or in the wide open spaces of country living.Located in Maryland, USA, cadeau was established in 1996 promo réduction abercrombie and all of our dogs and puppies live within our two beautiful homes located amidst the green rolling hills and beautiful flowering meadows of Olney and Laytonsville, Maryland, USA.All Rights Reserved Cadeau Papillons.The beautiful daughters from this breeding also both completed their championships and one, CherryB, went on for her Grand Championship title.Average height 8" - 12" at the shoulder blade weighing 3 to 9 lbs.Jacob's Victory Heaven Cent earned back to back majors in beautiful competition as an 8 month old puppy and went on to finish her championship by going Best of Winners at the 2011 Maltese National Specialty, shown, loved and conditioned by her owner Deb Ray.Cadeau's name is French for "Beautiful Gift from the Angels." He was named with this huge name because I went looking to add this beautiful boy to our family after losing.